Campaign Monitor says, "For every dollar spent on email marketing, an average of $44 dollar return on investment is realized."  And McKinsey & Company reports "Email is almost 40x better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter."

"Multiply Your Profits in 7 Days or Less in Any Market by 'Modeling' My Proven Collection of Million Dollar Emails"

Little Known Scientific Discovery Actually Programs the Ability to Create Profitable Email 'At Will' Directly Into Your Subconscious.  And You'll Get Results Your Very First Week...Or Your Money Back!

I was able to fill the program with just one email.   All I had to do was announce that the program was open to my list and send them directly to the sales letter that Terry helped me write.  The program filled much easier than it had ever done in the past.  I didn’t have to beat up my list, I didn’t have to stress out and I didn’t have to work nearly as hard to fill my coaching program.” 

Marcus Santamaria

Marcus Santamaria  

Full Disclosure: The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

What if you had a full-time team of sales people relentlessly visiting, following up on your prospects, and making profits for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

What would that be worth to you?

That's what you're about to experience with my proven email formula.

Let's face it.  Internet marketing isn’t easy.

Competition is increasing. Trust is at an all-time low. And customers are hanging onto their credit cards for dear life.

Internet users are surrounded by thousands of ads daily.  How can you separate yourself from all your rivals offering similar products for bargain basement prices?

How can you become the ONLY OBVIOUS choice in your market?

Here's the secret.

You must position yourself as the most trusted and most profitable adviser in your industry.

And now you can with my proven email formula…

Terry Dean

Terry Dean, million dollar Internet Lifestyle coach, author, and entrepreneur. He’s trained thousands of entrepreneurs how to use email marketing since 1996.

Here's What This is All About

In 1996 I was a college drop-out delivering pizzas for Little Caesars for a measly $8 an hour. My wife and I were over $50,000 in debt, had creditors calling all hours of day and night, and falling fast towards bankruptcy.

I desperately searched for a way out. Network marketing, door-to-door sales, and direct mail only piled additional debts on me.

When I first heard rumors about the Internet, I felt hopeless. But it was my LAST chance. If this didn’t work, it was over. I invested $2,500 at Best Buy for my first PC on my last remaining credit card.

Luckily, I stumbled into an email list my first month online. It just made sense to me. If you get visitors to a website, you only get one chance. If you get them on a list, you have multiple opportunities to make a connection with them. You help them, provide advice, and earn their trust.

I was full-time in just a couple of months. Within 6 months my monthly income was growing right alongside my email list. Each new subscriber was more than just a number.  They were a real person receiving and exchanging value with me from anywhere in the world.

Money poured in even without hard sales pitches.

All I did was send emails using a special formula, post links to my websites and affiliate products, and customers purchased.

We finally got ahead. Our debts were paid off. The Internet Lifestyle was born.

A few years later I was asked to share my methods at conferences around the world. Several times I demonstrated the value of an email list by doing a live promotion over the weekend.

At one event, I generated $96,250 in less than 72 hours with a SINGLE email to my list…without affiliate partners, advertising, or anything else. One email…one list…a flood of profits to my bank account.

That demonstration changed the lives of those in attendance (see what Steve Duce had to say about it to the right). And now it’s your turn…

"Terry, what you did at the Internet seminar in Jacksonville was incredible.  Twice now I've seen you make an offer to your newsletter subscribers and each time you made over $30,000.  This last time, $96,250.

I see many people who claim to make a lot of money online.  It's a whole different ball game to be able to go before a crowd, send an offer and actually "show" everyone.

You told your subscribers you were only taking a limited number of orders.  No matter how much the crowd wanted you to keep going and break the $100,000 mark, you did what you said you would do and stopped the sales.

Terry, watching you generate $96,250 in person from one email was something I'll never forget."

Steve Duce

Steve Duce

Internet Marketing Manager

Email is Even More Valuable in Crowded Marketplaces

How many marketing messages do your prospects sift through every day?

They’re overwhelmed with sales pitches. Around every corner is another ‘hard pitch’ begging for their money. This includes billboards, TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter, banners, blogs, search engines, etc. It never ends!

Even their email is overloaded with offers!

How can you be unforgettable in a world filled wall-to-wall with advertising?

Some will tell you to just send ‘more content.’

That’s not the answer. It used to work, but we’re overwhelmed with content today!

Basic information is available at the click of a mouse on Google or any other search engine. We’re drowning in content from blogs, videos, and social media!

Content alone will NEVER break through the “marketing shields” your future customers set up just to survive the world today.

Instead, you must become their most trusted adviser.

Do this…and you make the competition irrelevant.

A trusted adviser goes beyond content. You provide direction.

You’re a light that shines in the darkness.

You form an intimate bond with your prospects.

Your subscribers click the links you send, because they know you have their best interests at heart. You’ve earned that trust.

All you have to do is send a link…and watch many subscribers immediately click to the order form.

No hard sale required.

3rd Party Studies Prove Email Continues to Drive Profits in 2021

Email ROI came in at an incredible $42 for every $1 invested. Litmus "2020 State of Email Report"
 Email engagement grew by 78% over the previous 12 months. - Litmus "2020 State of Email Report"
Email is chosen as the preferred marketing channel almost twice as frequently as any other option. - Pure360 "Consumer Email Tracker 2020"
95% of consumers check their email at least once a day and 35% check every hour or less. - Pure360 "Consumer Email Tracker 2020"

Contrary to the “sky-is-falling” conspiracy theorists…email is not only alive and well, but return on investment, open rates, click rates, and average dollar sales have all held steady or grown year-after-year...outperforming every other marketing channel including social media.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Take Advantage of the Incredible ‘Stealth Selling’ Power of This Email Formula?

I’ve taught email marketing to my clients for years.

Many clients translated these lessons into six, seven, and even eight figure businesses.

But it took me years to discover where my previous teachings had failed.

The methods I originally used to teach others is NOT how I personally started.

I started by modeling those who were already successful.

In 1996, there wasn’t anyone using my formula in email, but there were giants in direct response marketing. I hunted down everything by copywriters like Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, and John Carlton. I collected all their old letters.

I copied those letters out by hand dozens of times as I slowly reverse engineered what they said to persuade people with the written word.

I modeled their approach the hard way. And it paid off.

Eventually I hired John Carlton as a coach to review my websites. Just ONE suggestion earned me an EXTRA $36,000 that year. And that was only one of the tips he gave me.

His coaching was worth a fortune to me.

It took me to the next level, because I finally understood WHY each of his letters worked. It isn’t about blind copying.

It’s about modeling not just the sentences on the page, but the ‘hidden persuasion’ behind every word.

Other Email Courses Have This Same Fatal Flaw

There are a lot of great email courses available. I’ve purchased and picked up ideas from most of them.

Every single one has been worth the money I invested. And some cost upwards of two thousand dollars.

It only takes one or two new tips to pay for the course, because email has a multiplying effect on everything else (this includes search engines, paid advertising, Facebook, video, and anything else you may be doing online).

But none of these courses have taken advantage of the secret I’m about to share with you.

It starts way back in 1961. Dr. Albert Bandura did his first Bobo doll study. In these experiments he had children watch as an adult interacted with the doll. Some adults were passive while others were physically and verbally aggressive with the doll. Children were then given access to the doll. No reinforcement, rewards, or punishments were given.

The children imitated what they had seen. If they watched aggressive actions, they were much more likely to model those actions.

What’s most significant from Dr. Bandura’s multiple studies is the behavior was learned after only ONE VIEWING.

He coined the term “observational learning” or modeling.

This is how children learn. Infants as young as 7 days old imitate simple facial expressions. At 9 months old, babies imitate actions hours after first observing them. Toddlers around age two develop personal and social skills through modeling.

This is how children effortlessly learn to speak…while adults struggle for years with a 2nd language. Adults are burdened down with all the rules of grammar instead of applying Bandura’s 4 principles of observational learning.

The quickest and easiest way to pick up any new ‘language’ skill is through modeling. And when done correctly, it only takes one session to see immediate results

Train Your Subconscious By Modeling My Personal Collection of 80 Emails That Are Already Proven to Generate Sales

Modeling is not copying.

Sure, you could grab someone’s emails and copy them. But their words will only work for you if you’re in the same market, selling the same product, at the exact same time. And that says nothing for the ethical or legal issues with copying.

Copying only mimics the form…not the substance. That’s why my results skyrocketed the instant I hired John Carlton to share the secrets behind his persuasive writing.

You could hire me to write a set of 10 autoresponders for you for $5,000. You will get top quality, order pulling emails that position you as the most trusted adviser in your marketplace.

But I’ve prepared something even better for you today.

You get 80 of my personal emails. Plus I’ve ripped each of them to shreds and TEMPLATED them for you. Each template explains the hidden psychology behind the email, and is ready for you to fill-in-the-blanks.

Will you use all 80? Probably not. You don’t need to. You’ll choose 3, 4, or even half a dozen that fit you like a glove. You’ll reuse them over and over again as they become second nature.

If you hire me to write your emails for you, they will be worth every penny. But if you just MODEL the templates I’m handing you today, you can virtually create your own future online.

Each new email you add to your autoresponder is like giving yourself an instant pay raise…

Here is Just a TASTE of the 80 Templates Waiting For You

Reduce unsubscribes, increase open rates, and create long-term ‘stickiness’ adding these vital components to your 1st email (template #1 on page 9).
How to sell higher ticket products and services with this subtle secret for breaking out of the commodity pricing trap (template #2 on page 12).
The easiest way to boost the clickthrough rate on any email.  This is so easy you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner (template #4 on page 20).
A tested and proven way to increase clickthroughs and viewers to any of your videos.  This can even work on solo ads you run to OTHER people’s lists (template 7 on page 30).
How to get subscribers to THANK YOU and praise your “content” by sending out your strongest testimonials based on this email model (template #9 on page 41).
Tap into the hidden persuasive secrets behind normal everyday stories to grow strong bonds with your subscribers and generate new buyers (Template #11 on page 45).
How one funny “cow story” created an internet meme and has attracted customers to me for almost a decade (template #13 on page 51).
Use surveys to create instant sales from your list WHILE collecting intelligence about what your subscribers want to buy in the future (template #16 on page 60).
Increase open rates and entertainment value of your emails by tying into major celebrities and events (template #19 on page 69).
How to make even more money simply chatting about your favorite TV shows…YES, there actually is a way to make money watching TV (template #20 on page 72).
Create a surge of new orders by countering the strongest objections in your market (template #22 on page 80).
How to use OTHER people’s stories and experiences to create a “halo” effect and transfer their credibility to your products and services (template #24 on page 87).
Make more sales by being brutally honest about your products, services, and who you can’t help (template #28 on page 100).
How to uncover and eliminate mindset issues that stop subscribers from buying and using your products or services (template #43 on page 148).
My proven REASON WHY email which has been used dozens of times to create money-on-demand in 24 to 72 hours (template #46 on page 156).
How to run limited time special offers with REAL scarcity in an autoresponder sequence.  This secret and example is worth the price of the course (template #50 on page 167).
How to give away the farm, including all your secrets in an email and have subscribers begging to buy from you (template #51 on page 169).
The easiest drop dead simple way to create order producing emails in a hurry (template #53 on page 176).
How to turn ordinary phone calls into big selling emails that cut through objections and get your point across quickly (template #56 on page 184).
Why your mistakes and the mistakes of others can create all the fodder you need for your emails from now till the end of time (template #62 on page 202).
How to share family stories that bypass the mind and bond you emotionally with the hearts of your readers (template #69 on page 225).
David Letterman style emails that give absolutely ZERO content, but create immediate good will and sales…by simply mentioning your website link (template #72 on page 234).
How to send a whole collection of affiliate links to your subscribers and have them THANK YOU for it (template #77 on page 248).
Use the laziest email style where you ethically tie a short 31 word email into someone else’s video and content while generating a load of new sales for your product or service (template #80 on page 258).

You Can Get All 80 of My Proven Email Templates Absolutely FREE

Here’s the deal…

I’ve just put the finishing touches on a brand new 6-module video training course called Autoresponder Alchemy.

I’m super excited about this video course because it teaches you how to set up automatic email sequences that sell your products and services 24 hours a day on autopilot.

In other words, once you put these email sequences in place, they are money-making machines.  It really is a “set it and forget it” system.

And if you’ll agree to try my new video course (100% risk-free, of course) I’ll give you all 80 of my fill-in-the-blank email templates free — no strings attached.

Here’s why you’ll want to take me up on my offer…

My new Autoresponder Alchemy video course teaches you all the email follow-up strategies and techniques that are working TODAY.

Plus, you receive digital access to ALL 6 modules immediately.  No waiting around for the course to be delivered.

While I recommend going through the modules in order, you are free to consume the course as FAST as you want.

Each module includes 10 or more short 3 to 15 minute videos…for over an hour of content each week. This format allows you to consume information quickly, apply it immediately, and profit from your new email skills.

It also allows me to keep the course fully updated with any new strategies or tips as they occur.

PLUS each video lesson is also delivered in downloadable mp3 audio format for easy listening on the go.

You Get My Complete Step-By-Step Formula...

Module 1 – Model My Million Dollar Emails

Modeling successful emails is the quickest and easiest way to create profitable emails at will. In addition, when you do it correctly using the exclusive methods I’m going to share with you, it only takes ONE viewing to bury the material deep in your subconscious.

You will immediately access…

Why “beginners” are able to use modeling to quickly surpass more experienced marketers…even if they’ve never written emails before!  (In fact, the less you’ve tried to understand what the gurus tell you, the faster you’ll be slapping together emails that attract orders automatically)
How to avoid the response draining problems of common emails – and guarantee yourself the most emotionally engaging, entertaining, and profitable emails you’ve ever sent.
How to practice using the “Million Dollar Email” templates to shortcut the learning process until plugging in profitable emails becomes second nature.
Why the secrets of the “Dynamic Duo” subject line translates into increased opens, clickthrough rates, and sales.
The number one way to sabotage your email results is sending the WRONG kind of content…and how to KNOW without a doubt whether you’re sending what attracts orders.

Module 2 – Hidden Reason Why Prospects BUY

Modeling Million Dollar Emails is your shortcut to a new Internet Lifestyle. In the second week we build upon your new emails skills by showing you the hidden motivations behind why prospects buy.

These insider techniques reveal the ‘magic words’ your customers need to hear to make buying decisions.

How to quickly fire up your passion quotient by falling in love with your customers all over again.  Day-to-day activities can rob you of your passion – while my method multiplies the entrepreneurial fire burning inside you.
How to bypass your subscribers’ critical thinking and speak directly to their hearts (once you’ve mastered this skill, you can literally write your own checks online).
The 3 critical “spy” techniques that uncover all the magic words you can sprinkle your emails with for maximum response (best of all, all 3 techniques are 100% free).
Can you really tell why a competitor’s website is successful?  These 5 critical clues give you the “conversion score” of any website to find the missing links in your own offers.
Watch, listen, and model as I create an ‘avatar’ live on the video (an avatar is your perfect bulls-eye buyer who makes email creation as simple as writing to one person).

Module 3 – Email ‘Super Hero’ Method

A client once told me they couldn’t get the same results I did from email, because they don’t have a “brand name” like me. And they were correct! You can model my emails, and still not get the same response…UNLESS you apply my exclusive branding strategy.

This FUN method of discovering and demonstrating your brand is easy to use and position yourself as a premium brand in your marketplace…even if all your competitors are selling for rock bottom prices.

The seven secrets of personal branding used by Superman and other comic book heros (how does an 80 year old fictional character created in 1933 have thousands of comics, 6 blockbuster movies, dozens of cartoons, and tens of thousands of toys).
The secret “2-minute technique” (that’s all it takes) you can slip into your first couple of autoresponder messages…but will increase your average ticket sale by 20% or more for the next 60 days.
How to break out of the commodity pricing trap…and train your customers to pay premium prices for your products and services just like Starbucks, Apple, and Harley-Davidson.
The amazing “Lex Luther” strategy that increases the strength of your subscriber relationship, boosts the number of social media shares you receive, and allows you to subtly sell more products/services behind the scenes.
How and when to choose between a “personal brand” and a “company brand” based on your market and long-term goals.

Module 4 – 30 Minute Emails

Money is attracted to speed. This week focuses on creating email messages faster, editing them for maximum response, and getting them out the door.

Each new email you add to your autoresponder is like giving yourself a raise. The more you add, the more money you make.

How to use the “slippery slide” principle to attract readers with your subject line, hook them with your intro, get them to click your link, and ultimately buy your product or service (eliminate the speed bumps and response blockers along the way).
7 secret HACKS for writing emails faster…that at one time or another will save your sanity!
My personal list of 63 brainstorming questions designed to reveal dozens of hidden selling stories you never even considered…making the writing process a breeze.
How to give each email a 5 minute once-over to increase its selling power…using my one-page step-by-step editing checklist.
HTML versus Plain Text – which one you should use, why, and how to get maximum traction and response out of your choice (don’t blindly copy what someone else is doing).

Module 5 – Money-On-Demand Offers

Every email should generate new clients and income. There shouldn’t be a single non-productive email in your series. The ongoing series is your bread-and-butter daily income.

Launches, limited time specials, and unique offers create instant money-on-demand. These big events have paid for my furniture, cars, and even paid off my house.

How much will you earn from your next money-on-demand offer? I don’t know, because I don’t know you, your list, or how well you’ve been modeling my emails. What I know is these offers are how my clients create their ‘fun money.’

3 Secrets behind every successful money-on-demand 24 to 72 hour special offer…and how to apply all 3 elements for maximum sales in minimum time.
How to plug fully automated limited time specials into your autoresponder campaigns…giving you all the benefits of money-on-demand offers on full autopilot while living the Internet Lifestyle.
Why affiliates are able to use these secrets to make more sales from their lists…even if they don’t have any products of their own.
How to create pre-launch sequences that handle objections, presell your offer, and create buzz about your upcoming special (and yes, these can be plugged into a fully automated autoresponder also).
The truth about winning offers…and a 2 page cheat sheet of all the best performing ideas my clients and I have used to suck as much money out of these specials as humanly possible for the past 23 years.

Module 6 – Advanced Email Strategies

This is the ADVANCED week. If you’re a beginner, it’s possible a few of the videos in this module may be over your head. That’s OK. Come back to them in the future when you’re ready to move to the next level in your game.

You’ll still come away immediately with new ideas and ways to apply email to your business.

How to “segment” your subscribers into super-responsive subscribers based on what they’re interested in, clicking on, and buying (segmenting at its core is EASY if you just follow these basic principles).
Answers to your most common questions including how often to email your lists, when to use double optin versus single optin lists, and more…eliminate all the confusion.
The truth behind tracking and testing emails…with a personal demonstration showing what I personally look for in the stats inside my Aweber account (too many gurus pay lip service to testing and point you to the wrong stats to look for).
How to use subscriber surveys to create immediate profits and sales in addition to all the feedback and customer language they provide you with.
A secret new technique (unused by even many of the email ‘experts’) that is virtually guaranteed to increase the value of your email lists faster than anything else you’re doing.

Each Module Comes With Easy-to-Use Bonus Cheat Sheets and Email Exercises You Can Put Into Practice Immediately

Naturally you’ll receive all 80 million-dollar email templates free with your first module.

But it gets better because you’ll receive additional cheat sheets and guides in each module.  These guides make the whole process fast and simple to follow.

Want to find out more about your subscribers?  Grab that cheat sheet and you’ll be off to the races.

Ready to use the 7-step process for faster email writing?   Download the cheat sheet and watch how fast you start writing emails.

Here’s a list of extra cheat sheets you’ll receive:

Customer Answers
Buyer Hidden Psychology
Your Buyer Avatar
Super Hero Branding
Contrarian Content
FAST Email Writing
Email Editing
Big Offers
Email Resource Toolbox

You’ll also be challenged to model one of my emails in each module.   Each email builds upon the foundation and adds a new one to your toolset.  After you’ve been through the six modules, you’ll have the skills to model ANY of the 80 templates.

Plus If You Act Now, You Receive 2 Additional FREE Bonuses

Autoresponder Alchemy is the fastest way to put together an order producing autoresponder sequence, but you still need subscribers receiving your emails. Maybe you’re just getting started and don’t have a list yet.

That’s why I’ve added two additional bonuses for a limited time. I can’t promise how long these will be available, because I originally created them as stand alone products…

Bonus Gift #1: Your First 10,000 Subscribers

Discover how to grow buyer lists from scratch. It’s not about how many names you add to your list. It’s how many buyers you plug into your sequence. Even the best emails can’t sell products to uninterested lookie-loos.

You’ll see step-by-step how I help my private clients add buyers to their lists FAST.

Both a “free” method and a paid method are covered.

My personal preference is to grow lists quickly with paid advertising. When you have emails that convert subscribers into buyers, you want to grow that list as quickly as possible…and paid advertising gets it done.

But if you’re short on funds and want to start for free, I’ll also show my favorite proven method for growing lists quickly with zero ad costs.

Value – $99 when sold separately

Bonus Gift #2: Creating Email Wealth Funnels

I talked about earning $1 per subscriber per month way back when I first started teaching email marketing over a decade ago. That’s what I was earning those first few years. If there were 6,000 subscribers on my list, my income came in close to $6,000 for that month. But that was just in the early days…

Yet, people are STILL quoting that old stat. If you’re ONLY earning $1 per subscriber per month in today’s internet world, either your email series isn’t doing its job correctly…or your list isn’t targeted to buyers. That’s just a starting point!

You’ll discover how to put together email wealth funnels including upsells, backend offers, high ticket specials, and more.

Your income is limited by your offers, and we’ll dig deep to set you up with a collection of offers designed to benefit your subscribers while earning the income you deserve.

Value – $99 when sold separately

Don’t Decide Today…Try Out “Autoresponder Alchemy” For 30 Days With a Full Money Back Guarantee

Claim your copy of Autoresponder Alchemy now.

Download the 80 ready-to-model templates in “Million Dollar Emails.”

Watch the videos.

Use the cheat sheets.

Put your new order producing email skills to work for you.

If, for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied for up to 30 days (by which time you could have put together your new autoresponder sequence), just contact my support ticket system. There’s nothing to return since the course is fully digital. I personally guarantee you a full refund. No questions asked. No hassles. No problems at all.

And you get to keep the “Million Dollar Emails” PDF as my gift to you for giving it a try.

How can I afford to be so generous? I’ve worked one-on-one with clients for years now…and I’ve seen the results my methods produce in their bank accounts. I’m confident the magic in this new system will work for you.

Think about it. How will it feel knowing you can create profitable emails anytime you want?

It’s the end of the confusion and the overwhelm. You can hear the cha-ching of money in the bank each time a new subscriber joins your list. If you’re not satisfied with the income you’re earning now, you simply plug in several additional autoresponders to your sequence.

This method is the heart of the Internet Lifestyle I’ve been living since 1996.

Everything You Need...Whether You're a Beginner or You're an Advanced Email Marketer Looking for a Few New Ideas to Multiply Your Profits

You have everything you need…whether you’re a brand new beginner or you’re an advanced marketer looking for a few new ideas to multiply your profits.

And…you can have it all for a ridiculous bargain!

Several of my one-on-one clients have kept me on retainer for years at a price of $1,000 per month specifically to help them with their email campaigns. That adds up to $12,000 per year for my personal coaching on these insider techniques.

The cost to hire me to write an email sequence would be $500 per email (with a minimum of $5,000 for 10 emails).  But I haven't written emails for others in years, expect for my private clients.

That’s an additional way you could make your investment pay off…by putting out your shingle as an email copywriter even if you only charge 1/5th my rate.

Companies are STARVING for email writers who know how to turn leads into sales. Yet the average entrepreneur doesn’t have a clue about how to pull it off.

That’s why these skills are so freaking valuable!

But I’ve decided to make this complete package as affordable as possible.

And for a limited time, you get access to both bonuses at no additional cost.

Autoresponder Alchemy Includes... 

6 Video Modules: This video series shows you how to model my million dollar emails and continues into discovering the magical words buyers need to hear, creating your premium brand, email writing shortcuts, creating big offers, and advanced email strategies.  Each module includes over an hour’s worth of short 3 to 15 minute training videos.

Million Dollar Emails: This contains 80 example emails and templates you can use to program your brain with the ability to create order producing emails ‘at will.’

Cheat Sheets: Each step includes a quick reference guide to jog your memory and make everything a simple-to-follow process.

6 Email Exercises: You can focus on a new template each module that builds upon your previous skills…until you can easily choose and model any of the 80 proven templates.

Bonus Gift #1 – Your First 10,000 Subscribers: How to start from scratch and create a brand new list of buyers in virtually any market.

Bonus Gift #2 – Email Wealth Funnels: Combine one-time offers, upsells, backends, affiliate programs, and high ticket offers for maximum income and value to your subscribers.

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you’re dissatisfied with the course for any reason, simply contact my support ticket system and get a full refund.  Keep the “Million Dollar Emails” templates as my gift to you for giving it a try.

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My Income Doubled Over the Previous Week

“I’ve sent an email out to my list every single day since I’ve started the course. And my income has gone up quite a bit as a result. Actually, the week before the course I was also emailing daily but without the insights I learned from you.

In a nutshell my income doubled over the previous week.  So it’s not just writing daily emails but very much how you write them. Yesterday I wrote an email that is selling like gangbusters. I’ll certainly be reusing it and or putting it into an autoresponder sequence.

I’ve been email marketing and making a full time living since at least 2005 and have studied a whole bunch of email writing courses but I’m still learning some valuable things from you.”

Roger Haeske

The 46-Year Old Teenager

This Program Was SO Much More Helpful, Informative, and Comprehensive Than Many 1k to 2k Programs

“I want to thank you for your Autoresponder Alchemy program. We’ve purchased multiple training programs, some of which were in the $1k-$2k range. Your program was SO much more helpful, informative, and comprehensive than many of these much more expensive programs.

I’m so excited to continue applying what I’m learning. And I’m very excited to share the program as an affiliate with the new list I’m starting to build..”

Doug Pew

WARNING: This System Isn’t For Everyone

In module 2, I talk about how to tap into your passion as an entrepreneur by falling in love with your customers. That is how I do business!

Many of the techniques and subtle psychological tactics you’re about to discover can be used for good…or for evil.

If you have an ethical cure or solution to a desperate problem your subscribers suffer with, you owe it to them to apply all your persuasion skills to do what it is in their best interest.

In fact, in my opinion it’s unethical for you to keep your cure a secret from those you could save.

But those same hidden persuasion skills can be used to position yourself as a trusted adviser…and take advantage of your subscribers by selling junk just to make a quick buck.

I’m letting you inside my ‘inner circle’ and I’m trusting you to use this “force” for good…to help your subscribers…to benefit those only you can reach.

By ordering above, you’re giving me your word you’ll do everything in your power to use your new email persuasion skills to benefit your subscribers…and never abuse their trust.

If you’re willing to make that vow, the links above are the best choice you can make for your future…and the new buyers desperately searching for your help.

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P.S. Yes, you can multiply your profits in 7 days or less in any market by ‘modeling’ my proven collection of million dollar emails. In fact, during the time you’ve spent reading this website you could have added one if not more ‘automatic pay raise’ emails to your autoresponder sequence…using my exclusive million dollar email modeling technique.  Don’t put this off…give it a try today!

Yes, You Can Multiply Your Profits in 7 Days or Less In Any Market By 'Modeling' My Proven Collection of Million Dollar Emails

In fact, during the time you’ve spent reading this website you could have added one if not more ‘automatic pay raise’ emails to your autoresponder sequence…using my exclusive million dollar email modeling technique.  Don’t put this off…give it a try today!

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