MyMarketingCoach, LLC wants you to be fully informed when you purchase from us, our endorsers, or any third party we may link to or recommend on any of our sites. We take pride in our products, services, and recommendations, and want our visitors to get the maximum positive results from their purchases, whether this be in direct profit, education, or peace of mind. We believe it’s important for you to understand the following facts before making a purchase from any of our sites our site, or any site we may refer you to through third party links:

FINANCIAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH ENDORSERS: We run an active affiliate program and pay email publishers, website owners, and bloggers for their referrals. Any time a tracking link is used to send you to one of our sites, the referral is receiving a commission. Also MANY affiliates use software to hide their links and present them in a more usuable fashion. So you may NOT always recognize an affiliate link. The safest direction is to assume that any link to our websites may be presented by an affiliate receiving a commission.  Because of this financial relationship, you should not rely solely on their endorsement in making a purchase decision, and must exercise due diligence in evaluating our products and services using information obtained beyond their specific endorsements and the sales site in particular.

GENERALLY EXPECTED RESULTS FROM OUR PRODUCTS: Although our products are intended to be fully implemented, and we work hard to ensure it’s easy to do so, the typical user of virtually all marketing education products treats them in much the same way they treat a book. The vast majority read or skim through it once, then “leave it on the bookshelf”. The results of such education are intangible, and not measured in direct profit. And even when consumers implement our product in full, more often than not they do not report increases in profits, leads, or sales. Reports of specific profits should therefore be understood as the exception rather than the rule. Consumers who use our products can generally expect not to see any increase in sales, leads, or profits. It is entirely possible you will lose money as a result of the advice contained in our products.

GENERALLY EXPECTED RESULTS FROM OUR SERVICES: Where professional services are concerned, we don’t warrant that typical results will include any amount of visitors, leads, sales, or profits. In fact, it’s entirely possible you may do worse financially while using our services than before you hired us. For example, we have serviced happy customers who’s businesses were declining, and we merely managed to slow the fall (and free their time) long enough for them to regroup and make solid plans to exit. And although our service business would certainly not exist if we didn’t provide financial value to our customers, the above is not the only circumstance in which you may lose money, and as such you should not rely upon results reported on our sales pages when deciding whether or not to purchase our services. Clients utilizing our services more often than not do not report increases in sales, leads, or profits, and many report losses. Profitable results should therefore be considered the exception rather than the rule. Clients utilizing our services can generally expect not to see any increase in sales, leads or profits. It is entirely possible you will lose money as a result of using our services.

TERRY DEAN ‘S PERSONAL SUCCESS: When Terry first started online in 1996, he had zero experience in internet marketing and also had not earned a net profit in any business venture. At times you’ll see statements of how much income he earned from a single email (or a series of emails) to the lists he built since that time. His sizeable email list, one that produced a good income in a short period of time, took years to build to the point where it produced those numbers. Because he has been doing business online since 1996, he now has significant experience in the Internet world. Any income levels or accomplishments he makes should not be considered normal for the average internet business owner.

ABOUT RESULTS FROM EARLIER ECONOMIC CLIMATES, INTERNET CONDITIONS, OR REQUIRING ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Some of the results reported on certain product pages  occurred during both an earlier economic climate and/or in the context of different internet marketing opportunities (for example, a lower level of competition in Google Ad) and resources. For example, you may find reports of individuals who profited tremendously in a single day. These would not have been possible if the individual had not aggressively developed and nurtured a VERY large email list prior to these 24 hour events. Other customers reporting profitable results could not have achieved them had these businesses not already had significant resources already in place having nothing to do with our products and/or services, nor could many of them be repeated in today’s internet climate. Accordingly you should not rely solely on these testimonials when making your purchase decision. Again, reports of specific profits should be regarded as the exception, rather than the rule. It is entirely possible you will lose money as a result of the advice contained in our products or services.

NOTICE OF AFFILIATE TRACKING LINKS AND COMMISSIONS RECEIVED BY OUR COMPANY: Our policy when linking to third party sites is to (a) only link to sites we can genuinely recommend and endorse unless otherwise qualified in the proximate vicinity of the link and (b) use affiliate tracking links whenever they are available so we might profit from the time, energy, and work which goes into identifying and reviewing these valuable resources. You should assume we have a financial relationship with third party sites unless explicitly stated otherwise, and as such should not rely entirely upon our recommendation when making your purchase decision.