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Simple 5-Step Persuasion Formula Attracts More New Customers & Clients

Clarifies Your Message, Connects With Your Ideal Clients Using Honesty and Empathy,  Consistently Sells More of Your Products and Services in Any Market

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This proven 5-step persuasion formula quickly and easily identifies easy-to-fix 'conversion cracks' on any website, email, video, or social media post.  Connect with customers and clients on a deeper, more empathetic level, because you truly understand them, their pains, and their dreams.

Maximize your return-on-ad-spend.  And it’s so simple to start using…yet at the same time it’s so powerful that you can use it for EVERY message you create for your business from this day forward.

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"Terry helped me with a sales letter for my coaching program.  And I’m delighted to say that, I was able to fill the program with just one email." 

Marcus Santamaria



"Over the past 8 months – Terry’s input has taken my business from an average profit of $7000 per month to over  $35,000 per month – and it is only going to get higher."

Paul Wright



"We more than doubled revenues...And I have been able to reduce the number of hours I work from 70 to 35 or 40...I now do the work I enjoy and can take vacations whenever I want."

Florian Meier


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