If you're a course creator, consultant, coach, copywriter, or service provider of any type, here's how to...

Get Paid to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Why the 'Buyers Search Engine' Wants to Send You a Flood of Pre-Qualified Leads, Position You as the Premier Authority on Your Topic, and Deposit Money Directly to Your Bank Account

If you want to attract as many high-value clients as you can handle…and have them starving to buy your offers before they even visit your website, then you’re going to love what I’m about to share with you.

An audience of hungry buyers is the biggest advantage you could ever have in business.

And if you’re a consultant, coach, course creator, or service provider…the best source of premium clients is…

NOT Facebook.

NOT Google.

NOT Youtube.

NOT TikTok.

NOT Your Favorite Social Media Site.

These websites may have more traffic, but the majority of their visitors are looking for FREE information or entertainment.

Amazon is where the buyers go.

63% of online shoppers go to Amazon to start searching for products (from a 2020 survey by Statista.com).  

That stat includes all types of ecommerce products.  

The percentage would be even higher for people buying information products.

Amazon is the KING of online retailers.  

It’s where the majority of YOUR buyers go first.

When they search about your topic on Amazon, are they finding you…or your competition?

You might say, “I’m a high-end copywriter or coach.  My fees start at $15,000+.  Amazon buyers are looking for low-cost eBooks.”

Sure, they might start by buying an eBook, but that is just the FIRST transaction.

And you’re underestimating just how often...

Your Future Clients Are ALREADY Searching Amazon For Your Topic

A consultant that specializes in helping authors promote their books made a startling discovery recently…

When his clients got a specific number of reviews on Amazon for their book, their conversion rates shot through the roof.

I’m NOT talking about just their Amazon conversion rates.

This applied to EVERYTHING!

Sales on their website multiplied.

A higher percentage purchased on their webinars.

Orders flooded in from their emails.

Literally, everything they did, whether organic or with paid ads, became more profitable.  

All from the increased credibility they got from Amazon.

And this wasn’t a one-time occurrence.  It has happened again and again…in all types of markets.

Your book can make you the premier authority on your topic…if you set it up correctly.

It can multiply the income you’re currently earning from everything else you’re already doing.

It can give you an unfair advantage over all your competitors no matter what you sell.

And that’s NOT even counting the flood of new leads which come in from the book itself…

Terry Dean
Internet Lifestyle Mentor

Terry Dean went from delivering pizzas for $8 an hour to creating a full-time income online in 1996. He has been called one of the grandfathers of Internet marketing and was one of the first online marketers to demonstrate the power of email, generating $96,250 from one email to his list in front of a live audience.  

Over the past 25 years, he has personally helped thousands of clients in hundreds of different markets attract high quality clients, spot conversion cracks on their websites, and earn a great income even from small email lists.

What They're Saying About Terry Dean...

"With Terry’s help, my business launched and grew to a six figure business within the first year.  The next year it has almost doubled again in income."

Dr. Michael Beck

"I'm amazed when I watch one of your trainings because you have slides that have so much information on them and are far more helpful than courses I've seen that are 2k. You provide 10x more value than what you charge. I couldn't recommend your products enough to others who are interested in doing what you do. No way there are products/courses out there that have the in-depth training that you do for less than $200...you make it possible for anyone to afford to learn about IM- and do it in a very ethical way that makes you feel good- because it's focused on the customer and not just making money."

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Jeff Sandifer

Thousands of New Pre-Sold Leads Each and Every Year

Amazon doesn’t give you a list of your book buyers.

But that doesn’t matter.

You can offer ‘Content Upgrades’ that make it irresistible for book buyers to join your email list.

These are easy add-ons that help your readers implement your advice. 

One of my clients inserted a series of these throughout his book, and Amazon has sent tens of thousands of new subscribers to his list.

He recently shared with me that his business is close to the seven-figure level, primarily from leads which come from his book on Amazon.

Subscribers From Amazon are his BEST Buyers

And it’s easy to see why.

Who do you think is more likely to buy?

Someone who is interrupted by a short 30-second ad on Facebook…clicks to your website…and joins your list in the spur of the moment…

Or someone who actively searched for information on Amazon…purchased your book…immersed themselves in your message for several hours by reading it…and actively visited your website to download an ‘upgrade’ to help them implement your advice?

The value difference between those leads isn’t even close!

In the Facebook example, you’re just an interesting diversion if you’re lucky.

The Amazon lead has already bonded with you and is presold on following your methods…if you’ve followed the simple system I’m about to share with you.

Ask yourself this simple question…

What Major Thought Leader Doesn't Have a Book Available on Amazon?

Seth Godin…Dan Kennedy…Michael Gerber…Gary Vaynerchuk…Dave Ramsey…Tim Ferris…Simon Sinek… Marie Forleo…Brene Brown…Ann Handley…Mari Smith…James Clear…Ray Dalio…Robert Kiyosaki…Oprah Winfrey…Jason Fung…Mark Hyman…Gary Chapman…Heidi Murkoff…Alan Weiss…Robert Cialdini…Donald Miller…Russell Brunson…Michael Matthews…Bob Bly…Dan Sullivan…Craig Groeschel…Perry Marshall…Tony Robbins…

This list could include thousands of names!

All the top authorities…no matter their field…have a book on Amazon.

Why wouldn’t they?

We’ve already covered how it is proven to boost your credibility and multiply the conversion of everything else you do.

How much money are you wasting by NOT having a book out there collecting high-value leads for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

But of course…having a book available on Amazon isn’t enough on its own.  

You want a…

Bestselling Book That Attracts a Flood of Your Ideal Clients

You need to know the insider shortcuts to getting your book to show up on top of searches for your bulls-eye buyer keywords.

You want to rank high in the categories where your ideal clients shop.

You need a step-by-step system for coming up with a title that not only taps into the Amazon search algorithm, but also sells your book like hotcakes.

Create a description that engages your reader and makes your book the obvious choice to solve their overwhelming problem.

A map to create a book that turns readers into raving fans who leave 5-star reviews and jump at the chance to buy your other offers.

And most important of at all…an easy way to drive consistent sales of your book off of Amazon.

Because this is the obvious truth almost no one wants to talk about...

Amazon’s #1 goal is to sell more products.

All their algorithms are built around showing products that sell more often.

You’ll discover how to take full advantage of that by producing a book that sells to a specific target audience.  

The more you sell, the more Amazon sells you.

It’s a symbiotic relationship with the biggest online retailer on the planet.

All the pieces of the puzzle are put together for you in the…

Client Funnel Formula

This isn’t just about creating a bestselling book, although you will discover proven shortcuts to consistently sell more of your books on Amazon.

It’s about attracting a flood of your ideal clients, boosting your credibility, and filling your bank account with cold-hard cash.

As a non-fiction author, you can earn ongoing passive income from the royalties your book generates on Amazon (this includes Kindle, physical, and audible versions).

But the book royalties are only a SMALL portion of the income the Client Funnel Formula generates for you.

The real purpose of this unique system is all the money you earn from your websites.

The conversion rates of everything else you do multiply because of the increased credibility your bestselling book gives you.

Your book shows up on top of the categories you choose, under keywords your buyers are searching, and in recommendations on other similar books in your industry.

Readers join your list to get the content upgrade…and they buy more of your products and services.

Plus, since you’re now a premier authority on the topic, you’re freed from the chains of being seen as just another commodity.  

You can raise your prices and finally sell your products or services for what they’re truly worth.

This is about so much more than just being an author.  

It’s a complete business growth system-in-a-box.

There are 3 core modules in this online course…

Client Funnel Formula

Amazon Funnel Formula
Podcast Traffic Unleashed
Book In a Weekend
Client Funnel Formula Guide
Best Selling Titles Made Simple
Podcast Guest Traffic Unleashed
Sell Books with Amazon Ads
PDFs of All the Slides

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Amazon Funnel Formula

Create Passive Income and Attract a Flood of Self-Liquidating Buyers from Amazon

Podcast Traffic Unleashed

How to Attract a HORDE of Hungry Buyers by Sharing Your Story as a Podcast Guest

Book in a Weekend

How to Create a Life Changing Book in Just a Few Days...Even If You're NOT a Writer

Each module is broken up into close to a dozen easy-to-consume videos that lay out the entire step-by-step system in detail.  

The complete course includes over 5 hours of video training.

Plus, there are 5 additional bonuses to help you generate more of your ideal clients by implementing the Client Funnel Formula.

Let’s dive into what’s covered in each of these 3 main modules…

Module 1: Amazon Funnel Formula: Create a Passive Income and Attract a Flood of Self-Liquidating Buyers from Amazon

This module covers the core of the system and gives you all the strategies, techniques, and shortcuts you’ll use to make your book a bestseller on Amazon.

You’ll understand the key factors in how the Amazon search algorithm works and how you can take advantage of the system to sell more books consistently.

You’ll also discover the most common mistakes authors make and how to avoid them…along with how to launch your book with a bang and use low-cost Amazon ads to earn a profit while driving book sales and generating leads for your other products and services. 

Why professional writers have seen their income from books drop 43% over the past decade…and why that is such GOOD NEWS for you to attract high ticket ideal clients (most writers are clueless about the secrets being shared in this formula).
Why attracting buyers from Amazon is so much more profitable…and significantly lower risk…than running paid advertising campaigns. .
How to tap into Amazon’s unique credibility to sell more of your products and services on your OWN website (89% of buyers trust Amazon more than other ecommerce companies).
Exactly how many words and how many pages your book should be to maximize your profits on Amazon (the answer may both surprise and delight you).
The single BIGGEST mistake I made with one of my books that sabotaged my passive income, lead generation, and guaranteed it was only about 1/3rd as effective as it should have been.
How celebrity authorities like Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber, and Seth Godin consistently publish bestselling books and turn them into millions of dollars in consulting income.
Why one-star reviews are vital for selling more of your books and attracting your ideal clients (if everyone loves your book – you’re doing it wrong). 
How a free book consistently dominates the #1 ranking of the ultra-competitive weight loss category…attracting tens of thousands of leads yearly.
How to turn one big idea into multiple streams of Amazon income…along with dozens of income streams flowing from Amazon into your business.
The backdoor secret to creating a permanently free book on Amazon (and why even a free  book can result in multiple passive income streams from Amazon).
Where to position ‘content upgrades’ in your book to multiply the number of email addresses you capture from your Amazon buyers. 
How to systematically turn $2.99 Amazon purchases into $495, $3,000, or even $100,000 backend sales.

How to Optimize Your Title, Keywords, Categories, Description, and More

4 secrets to optimizing your book to be found by your ideal clients in Amazon’s keyword search box (and why one factor is so important to Amazon that they’ll BURY your listing if you do this wrong even if everything else is perfect).
One weird technique that tricks Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence into showing your book more often under your most profitable keyword phrases.
3 simple steps to choosing high traffic buyer keywords you can rank for…even if you’re a beginner without a platform or email list.
How to create sexy product titles and subtitles that attract your ideal book buyers and ongoing clients for your backend (the title needs to do more than just sell your book – it MUST also attract your ideal clients).
6 step proven formula for creating titles that SELL even in the most competitive, overcrowded marketplaces like weight loss, make money, and self-help.
Eliminate the stress of choosing a title by playing a FUN game that often uncovers up to a half-dozen or more bestselling title ideas in just 10 to 20 minutes.
3 rules for choosing the most profitable categories for your book (and why just looking at the highest traffic categories could be a devastating mistake).
Backdoor secret to getting listed in up to 10 categories even though Amazon only lets you choose 2 during the set-up process.
How to use the 7 ‘keyword’ boxes to get listed in as many of your buyer keywords as possible (always use all 7 boxes following the exact model taught inside the course to reach the most potential buyers).
My step-by-step formula for creating an Amazon description with rich text including headlines, bolding, bullets, and more…designed to attract more buyers and multiply the sales of your books.

How to Make Your Book a Bestseller and Consistently Attract New Clients

Why you should NEVER launch your book until you’ve completed these 5 steps (you won’t achieve the success you deserve if you miss even one of these).
An easy-to-implement trick that attracts more 5-star reviews for your book (great Amazon reviews sell books AND increase the credibility of everything else you offer).
How to have a great launch week and set yourself up for more leads, sales, and profits in the months to come.
8 low-cost ways to advertise your book off of Amazon (these tiny ad sources are better for Amazon books than big networks like Google and Facebook).
How to sell more books with Amazon Sponsored Ads, including how to set-up your first ad campaign, when to use the 3 different match types, and the #1 most important stat to track.
How to quickly and easily come up with 200+ laser-focused keywords that target your ideal buyers…without wasting money on lookie-loos who aren’t likely to buy from you anyway.
How to optimize your Amazon ad account by raising bids on winners, disabling losing keywords, and when to create new campaigns for even greater profits.

Module 2: Podcast Traffic Unleashed: How to Attract a Horde of Hungry Buyers By Sharing Your Story as a Podcast Guest

Being a guest expert on other people’s podcasts is the PERFECT companion to the Amazon Funnel Formula.  Over 68 million people in the US listen to podcasts.  And podcasts reach 485 million consumers worldwide.  This is expected to increase to 800 million by 2025!

Podcasts listeners are more loyal, more affluent, and more educated than the average Internet user.  Plus, there are over 2 million podcasts – many of which use an interview format.  And they’re starving for qualified authorities (such as authors) who are fun and entertaining...

This module will show you how to find the podcasts your ideal clients are listening to, contact the hosts, and deliver an engaging interview their audience will love.  

Drive more book sales and generate high-quality leads directly to your email list from each easy podcast interview…

Why a podcast consumer who just invested 30 minutes listening to your message is 10x more valuable than someone who clicks an ad that interrupts them on Facebook.
Eliminate ALL the hassles and heartache of dealing with Google and Facebook reviewers and communicate heart-to-heart with your ideal clients.
Case Study: How each podcast guest appearance generates sales of this author’s book, adds an average of 100 new opt-ins to his email list, and attracts several high ticket clients for his group coaching offer…all in a market that was too expensive to advertise on Facebook or Google. 
How to connect with the podcast host and get them to wholeheartedly endorse your book, your courses, or your services…even if they’ve never met you before (this one secret is worth more than the cost of the entire course)!
The hidden truth about what podcast hosts are looking for in their guests but never tell you…and the one question you must answer to deliver an electrifying interview that gets listeners raving about you!
6 proven methods to make a fortune using infotainment… especially if you can’t tell jokes and don’t consider yourself all that interesting (even an extreme introvert like me can use these techniques to create a magnetic personality during interviews).
7 essentials to include on a ‘one-sheet’ to grab a host’s attention and provide them with everything they need to create an entertaining interview with you (this makes the whole interview process so much easier).
Simple changes you can make to your website to make you much more ‘podcast friendly’ and attractive to BIG podcast hosts (hosts will visit your website and this is what they’re looking for).
How to create a free Lead Magnet that multiplies the leads you attract from every podcast (plus the one question to ask yourself to guarantee an effective Lead Magnet).
5 proven ways to increase the pulling power of your Lead Magnet landing page (podcast leads are much more valuable than leads through paid advertising or other organic methods).
The cheap and easy way to create ‘broadcast-quality’ sound at home that podcast hosts and listeners will appreciate (simple tools take this worry off your plate).

How to Get Invited on Podcasts That Reach Your Ideal Clients

2 FREE resources introduce you to all the podcasts you’ll ever need to reach your ideal clients (and how to piggyback on the hard work others have already done to sift through the best podcasts in your market).
How to choose the most profitable podcasts your ideal clients are already listening to (stop wasting time on podcasts that won’t send cash-in-hand buyers to your website).
Use my ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ online spreadsheet to track and follow-up on podcast hosts…plus a free tool that gives you the email address to contact even if a host doesn’t list it on their website or domain records.
A backdoor technique that virtually guarantees the podcast host (or their scheduling assistant) opens your email…even if you’re a complete unknown in the industry.
Steal my proven template email that makes a personal connection with the host, builds your credibility, and entices them to book you on their show (don’t leave out this vital ingredient in the “Get Booked Now” recipe).
How to SAVE time and make sure you have EVERYTHING the host needs for an incredible interview…even they’re totally disorganized (I was personally surprised by how off-the-cuff even some of the largest podcasters run their businesses).
4 magic words to say at the end of every interview to multiply the number of podcasters who invite you to their show. 
How to follow-up on podcast hosts and get invited back time and time again (one of my clients appeared on the same podcast 6 times – attracting more leads and high ticket buyers every time).
Want to skip the process of finding, contacting, and scheduling podcast interviews? I share 4 booking services that already have relationships with podcast hosts…including the one I’ve personally used.

How to Deliver AMAZING Interviews That Attract Your Ideal Clients

How using one ‘power word’ multiple times during an interview can help you bond with the host and make them more likely to endorse your book…even if they’ve never read it.
#1 hidden mistake guests commonly make in the interview that kills your response and keeps you from generating the sales you deserve (unless you know the secret, you could keep repeating this error because hosts will actually thank you for making this mistake).
How to demonstrate authentic empathy that causes the audience to know, like, and trust you even if this is the first time they’ve ever heard you.
8 steps of a great podcast interview that holds your audience spellbound and compels them to follow-up with you to find out what they can buy!
How to hold the audience on the edge of their seats, waiting with baited curiosity about what you will share next (this tricks them into thinking you’re interesting even when you think you’re the most boring person in the world). 
Case Study on how to write questions that pull the ‘Golden Thread’ out of you during the interview (the majority of podcast hosts will ask you the questions you send them in advance).  
The quickest and easiest way to get the interview back on track if any distraction or disagreement shows up (this ingenious strategy keeps the host focused on your message).
Word-for-word example of a persuasive call-to-action at the end of your interview (model this ‘template’ to attract more leads for your list and sales for your book).
How to get started with podcast guest traffic now…including what to do first, what to expect as you start moving forward, and how to gauge your results.

Module 3: Book in a Weekend: How to Create a Life Changing Book in Just a Few Days...Even if You're NOT a Writer

What if you don’t have a book yet?  NO PROBLEM.  Discover the system my clients and I have used to create non-fiction books FAST!   Money is attracted to speed.  The more books and courses you produce, the more royalties, income, and ideal clients come in.  

Here’s how to get your message down in a no-fluff, easy-to-read book that makes a life changing impact on your clients.  It can be done in less time than you expect.

This system isn’t for those looking for a perfect book (that doesn’t exist) or those looking to publish with a major publishing house.  It’s for those who want to make a difference in the lives of their customers by providing them with a bridge from the problem to a clear solution…

Why shorter books are a better fit for today’s busy audiences (and the exact length you want to shoot for to attract sales and deliver what your customers are looking for – they hate fluff).
3 proven ways to create your book faster WITHOUT WRITING…perfect for anyone who struggles to get their thoughts down on paper.
Why narrowing your audience and topic is the pathway to publishing profits on Amazon (and attracting more of your ideal clients). 
3 words that set me free from perfectionism and procrastination…allowing me to create more, earn more, and invest less time doing it!
7 step formula for writing your book faster…and enjoying the process a whole lot more (it’s fun to write when you follow this step-by-step system).
The single most important thing you must do before you sit down to write even one word of your book!
How to uncover your book’s “hook”…its uniqueness that drives people to desire it and recommend it others.
10 proven book formulas you can use to sky-rocket your sales…formulas so simple even a 5th grader could use them to make more money!
5 steps to outline your book’s core message…and keep yourself on track throughout the book creation process.
How to discover which topics you must cover in your book to inspire your clients and help them experience your book’s promise (miss these essentials and you sabotage your impact and sales).

Step-By-Step Roadmap to Create Your Book FAST

Step-by-Step process to quickly and easily find the questions your audience is asking about your topic…guaranteeing you create exactly what they’re looking for.
Free software to run surveys, 3 questions you must always ask, and my personal survey template…if you use a survey to dig even deeper into your audience (clients frequently find all the questions they need in an hour or two of free research).
How to create a clear roadmap that eliminates procrastination and makes it easy to create the content for each chapter of your book.  
Why mindmapping is more effective than outlining…and how my 2-step mindmap process activates both the creative and logical portions of your brain to create the dynamic duo of an emotional story and a dynamic solution for your readers.  
Conquer “blank page anxiety” once and for all.  (in fact, do this and you’ll NEVER stare at a blank page…ever again).  
How to manage your energy to get your book done in less time…and why traditional time management techniques don’t work for writers!
The secret to finishing your book in just one weekend…including how both clients and I have done this multiple times (and how to know if another schedule would be a better fit for you).  
#1 mistake that slows your writing process to a crawl…and how to turn this upside down to get more done in just a few hours than you did with weeks of the old method.
How to integrate ‘micro-stories’ throughout your book to keep interest high, bond with your readers, and drive home your message from multiple directions. 
What comics like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman can teach you about writing non-fiction books that sell without selling.
Get over any sticking point in your writing with one simple trick that eliminates imposter syndrome and gets you back on track fast.  
How to stay focused on your core message no matter how many rabbit trails or distractions pop up along the way.

Unique Ways to Create Your Book Without Writing

Why ‘time off’ is vital to an author and how to schedule it for maximum effect on your writing and the profits of your business.
How to use emails, blog posts, podcast interview transcripts, and more to short-cut the writing process and write more in less time.
How to multi-purpose your content to create books, webinars, courses, and more…earning multiple streams of income from the same core message.
How to ‘brain dump’ the core content for your book in as little as 3 to 5 hours…and deliver exactly what your audience wants to know.
14 secret questions designed to quickly and easily pull your best content, case studies, and implementation steps out of you (often you have no clue how much value is bottled up in side of you just waiting to come out).  
How a friend followed a simple blueprint I gave him to write a 400+ page book in just a few weeks after struggling for months to get just a few pages done.  
2 distinctive and separate editing processes every book should go through to turn it into a priceless diamond that positions you as a thought leader in your field.
How to decide when to add or cut a chapter from your book for maximum impact on your ideal clients.
Want to create a book that people rave about to their friends?  Here’s the #1 most important thing you absolutely MUST do after writing it to make that happen.  
How to hunt down ‘weasel words and phrases’ that destroy your credibility and reduce the effectiveness of your message (it’s amazing how common these are even in major publishing house books).
Where to hire low-cost professionals to edit your book, layout your interior design, and create gorgeous covers (get your book ready to sell on Amazon fast).
What you absolutely must know before you hire a cover designer, because buyers DO judge a book by its cover (get a bestselling cover done right the first time).

In addition to the step-by-step video training that includes everything you need to set-up your own Client Funnel Formula…

You Also Get 5 FREE Profit-Boosting Bonuses to Guarantee You Have ALL the Tools You Need to Create Your Own Profitable Client Funnels

Client Funnel Formula Step-By-Step Manual

Bonus 1

You’ll receive a downloadable PDF manual which contains 93 pages from 4 edited and updated issues of my premium print newsletter.  These 4 in-depth issues include:

  • Amazon Funnel Formula
  • How to Attract Leads, Sales, and Clients from Kindle
  • Attract Hungry Buyers as a Podcast Guest
  • Fast Writing Formula

This will become an easy reference guide for you as you follow each step in the system. You’ll refer back to this manual again and again as you continue to grow your authority and your profits.  

Best Selling Titles Made Simple

Bonus 2

This is another 21-page downloadable PDF that comes directly from an issue of my premium print newsletter.  

One title has proven to sell more than 8 times as many copies as another less effective title.  Get the title wrong, and you mess up the rest of the formula.

This guide gives you multiple examples of winning titles…and how they were created.

Plus, you’ll receive 8 formulas for creating winning titles…and a step-by-step system for scoring the selling-power of your title before you publish your book.

Podcast Guest Traffic Unleashed

Bonus 3

This 22-page downloadable PDF is a transcript of an interview with Dr. Glenn Livingston, author of “Never Binge Again”.  He shares his hard-won secrets after appearing on more than 200 podcasts during the past few years.  Each podcast was worth an average of 100+ high-quality new subscribers.

These are subscribers who listened to Glenn for 20 to 40 minutes on the podcast, resonated with his message, and then visited his website to join.  

Even though he is in the weight loss market, his core offer to his audience costs $599…demonstrating just how valuable these podcast leads are to his business.

I was personally shocked by the direction this interview went in, but it can be life changing for you because it reveals the core reason why so many entrepreneurs consistently struggle with online marketing.

How to Sell More Books with Amazon Ads

Bonus 4

This 19-page downloadable PDF is a transcript of an interview with Yoav Ezer.  He is Dr. Glenn Livingston’s behind-the-scenes business partner in “Never Binge Again”. 

Rankings on Amazon vary from day-to-day, but “Never Binge Again” is frequently #1 in the ultra-competitive “weight loss” category.  When last I checked it was also #1 in “weight maintenance diets” and “eating disorders”.  Plus, it has over 13,000 reviews which continue to grow.  

How many books do you know that have over 13,000 reviews…based almost solely on Amazon and podcast interviews?  

Yoav shares insights he’s gained from years of helping authors sell more of their books on Amazon.  He also digs in Amazon ads and why you can not only generate a consistent funnel of new leads from Amazon, but you can make a profit from book royalties while doing it!

Easy-to-Review PDFs of ALL the Slides

Bonus 5

You’ll receive ALL the slides from 3 modules in the Client Funnel Formula.  Download them.  Print them out.  Keep them for reference and anytime viewing.  

Don’t miss a single reference or technique to create your own profitable ideal client funnels.

Here's What You Get in the Client Funnel Formula

You get all 3 main modules divided into short, easy-to-digest video sessions.  

  • Module 1: Amazon Funnel Formula: Create a Passive Income and Attract a Flood of Self-Liquidating Buyers From Amazon
  • Module 2: Podcast Traffic Unleashed: How to Attract a HORDE of Hungry Buyers By Sharing Your Story as a Podcast Guest
  • Module 3: Book In a Weekend: How to Create a Life Changing Book in Just a Few Days…Even If You’re NOT a Writer

You also get the 5 free business-building bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Amazon Funnel Formula Written Manual
  • Bonus #2: Best Selling Titles Made Simple
  • Bonus #3: Podcast Guest Traffic Unleashed
  • Bonus #4: How to Sell More Books with Amazon Ads
  • Bonus #5: Easy-to-Review PDFs of All the Slides

This comprehensive program gives you the keys for turning Amazon into a goldmine of your ideal clients.  

Follow the unique book creation system to save months (or even years) on getting your book finished.

Get your message in front of your ideal clients.

Generate passive income from your books.

Attract high-value leads to your email list.

Pre-sell them on your products and services.

Combine Amazon with podcast interviews to multiply your book sales and pour even more high-value leads into your funnel.

What's the Investment for the Complete Step-By-Step System?

There are many services out there which will help you write a book and get it published on Amazon.

But you can expect to pay a minimum of $10,000+ to most of these service providers.

And that’s for just one book!

Inside the Client Funnel Formula, you’ll discover the incredible benefits of having multiple books attracting your ideal clients 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.  

With those services, you’d have to pay their fee for each book you launch!

If I priced the Client Funnel Formula at the bargain price of $995, you would save 10x on those services.  

And you could use it to create and launch as many books as you want...for yourself or for clients…

It would be a bargain at that price.

How much is ONE high-value client worth to you?

I have one-on-one clients which have been worth over $100,000 to me.  

This can be your doorway to a source of almost unlimited clients going forward.

But I’m going to make an even better deal for you.

You can get this entire course and all the bonuses for just $398 one-time fee.

No ongoing fees.  No royalties.  No hassles.

It’s yours to keep and use for years to come no matter how many books you publish, how many podcasts you appear on, or how many ideal clients you attract.

And as a special deal for Doberman Dan's list, you get 50% OFF until Friday.

Your price is JUST $199 until February 25th at midnight Pacific time.

Plus, you’re protected by a…

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try out the Client Funnel Formula for a full 30 days.  Watch the videos.  Download all the bonuses.   Set-up your own client attraction funnel based on the step-by-step formula.  

If you don’t agree this system will help you attract more of your ideal clients, boost the credibility of everything else you do, and help you fill your bank account with cash…I’ll refund your payment in full, no questions asked.  

And you can keep all the downloadable bonuses as my gift to you just for giving it a try.

Client Funnel Formula

Attracts a Flood of Pre-Qualified Ideal Clients, Boosts Your Credibility, And Deposits Money Directly to Your Bank Account

Normally $398
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Amazon Funnel Formula
Podcast Traffic Unleashed
Book In a Weekend
Client Funnel Formula Guide
Best Selling Titles Made Simple
Podcast Guest Traffic Unleashed
Sell More Books with Amazon Ads
PDFs of All the Slides

100% Money Back Guarantee

Who is This For?
And Who Is It NOT For?

If you’re a consultant, coach, course creator, or any other service provider…then you need the Client Funnel Formula.

Amazon is where consumers go to buy.

Your ideal clients are ALREADY searching and buying there.

They’re either finding you or your competition.

The Client Funnel Formula will position you as the premier authority on your topic and help you attract an ongoing source of high-quality clients.

At the same time, the formula will boost your credibility off of Amazon…multiplying the profits of everything else you do online.

And you can use the included Podcast Traffic Unleashed formula to create a 2nd consistent source of high-quality incoming leads as a podcast guest.

These two formulas work in tandem as an unbeatable combination.

You’ll also discover how to get your message down on paper faster with the Book in a Weekend system.  

You get everything you need.

But this is NOT an overnight solution.

While you can complete the rough draft of a book in as little as one weekend, it takes time to put your initial outline in place…and to edit your book after it is finished. 

You can achieve a big launch and start attracting your ideal clients quickly, but the real impact…especially on your long-term authority and increased conversion in the other areas of your business…takes time.

Podcasts with large audiences can have a lead time of up to a few months before your interview is published.  

If you’re impatient and have to see results by tomorrow, this simply isn’t right for you.

One of the most powerful elements of the formula is how each piece of the puzzle empowers and multiplies the effectiveness of the others.

Your book helps you get on more podcasts.  Podcasts sell more books.  Your book sales generate more of your ideal clients and increase the conversion rates of everything else you do.  Podcasters hear about you and start contacting you.

You won’t realize just how much this formula has transformed your entire business for months…or possibly even years.  

And that’s the beauty of the system as well.

Following the formula is one of the best investments you could ever make in the future of your business…

If what I’ve just said scares you…or you’re not ready to share your message with a much larger audience…then this might not be the right solution for you.  

Keep playing in the shallow end of the kiddy pool hoping that one day one of your projects pays off.

But if you’re ready to transform how you attract customers and clients forever, give the Client Funnel Formula a try today…

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access to the course?

You will get IMMEDIATE access to the course.  Everything is delivered online inside of our course training area.  Nothing is shipping in the mail.  You can get started with the system today.

Can I do this even if I don't like to write?

Absolutely.  While I personally enjoy the writing process, I've helped multiple clients who did not.  You'll discover 3 unique ways to create a book without writing.  I've seen these methods transform their lives...and help them create books in less time than they thought possible.

Can an introvert attract their ideal clients on podcasts?

Yes.  I'm an extreme introvert, and I've found podcasts to be an amazing way to share my message.  It's MUCH EASIER than public speaking because you're only speaking to one person and it's frequently over Zoom.  They're interviewing you on a topic you're an expert in and they frequently use the list of questions you provided them with.  

Is it really possible to write a book in as little as one weekend?

Yes.  I've done before.  And so have several clients.  But it does require creating a good mindmap (as revealed in the system) in advance and locking yourself away without distractions.  That's why I reveal multiple ways to get a book done quickly...even if the 'book in a weekend' method isn't the right one for you.  

What if I'm not good with design or tech stuff?

That's fine!  I recommend hiring a low cost provider to layout your book in both Kindle and paperback formats.  And I'll show you where to hire great cover designers.  Focus on sharing your message and leave all the other hassles to others.  

What if I don't have a concept for my book yet?

That's fine.  You'll discover what types of messages make an impact on your readers and attract your ideal clients.  You'll also be given the most common book hooks so you can choose one that fits your message and your audience.   

What if life happens and I can't finish right away?

I understand.  That's why you get LIFETIME access to the course.  No ongoing membership fees or any other dues.  Implement it when you're ready.  Use it again and again in the future.  This is the type of system that will consistently get you in front of your ideal clients not only today, but for years into the future.

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“Over the past 8 months – Terry’s input has taken my business from an average profit of $7000 per month to over  $35,000 per month – and it is only going to get higher.  Last month my membership program increased by more than 30%  – directly due to Terry’s input into my sales copy, website design and emails.”

Paul Wright


"Within 1 week of getting Terry’s help and tweaking my website, I was able to start making sales and it virtually never stopped.  Within 1 year of meeting Terry I was making more money than I ever dreamt."

Scott Palat


"Since I started working with Terry Dean as a coaching client, I’ve gone from working 6 days a week and being stressed out to working only 3 days a week, with more free time while increasing my productivity."

Frederic Patenaude


"Within a month of working with you, we created a product and it generated $12,922 in one week. You delivered results and THAT is what sold me on being a long time client of yours. A half a million in profit later and I've turned into a bit of a Terry Dean groupie."

Trader Travis


"Terry Dean's coaching was fundamental to my business success. I quit my job last month and I'm now living from my online business full-time."

Marcelo Perlingerio


"We started working close to 12 months ago and the results have been phenomenal.  We more than doubled revenues and the team has grown from 2 to 5 people.  At the same time I've been able to reduce the amount of hours I work from 70 hours per week down to about 35."

Florian Meier


Salim Omar

Benson Agbortogo

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